About the Tinkerers Program

The Tinkerers program is a partnership between Camp Louemma and Curious-on-Hudson. We have combined our best resources to create something special – a summer experience that your child will cherish – the time and opportunity to grow and learn in a free, unconstrained way.  The chance to work with talented but passionate instructors.
Camp Louemma provides us with an excellent backdrop for this program with a warm and friendly environment supported by years of experience as sleepaway camp providers. Their grounds are vast, varied and rich with potential for this program.  Curious-on-Hudson provides Camp Louemma with a state-of-the-art enrichment program based on ideas that children learn best when they are able to be self-reliant.

Camp Louemma

Together we aim to bring the best of our resources and talents to the Tinkerers program. The program will run for the full six weeks of the Camp Louemma summer program. Campers have the option of participating in the Tinkerers program for one week increments. We suggest you let them give it a try for at least one week to see if they connect with our mission.
To learn more about Camp Louemma, please click on this link.
To learn more about Curious-on-Hudson, please click here.
Please reach out to ask any questions you may have for us.  Use our contact form for further information.