How it Works!

As a Louemma camper, you can choose our Tinkerers program where for three activity periods each day, Monday – Friday, you will spend your time creating, building, developing, coding and working on the projects chosen for that specific week.  Following your three Tinker activity periods, you will take part in the full schedule for Camp Louemma including a choice period, general swim and all special evening activities.  It truly is the best of all worlds!
You can choose our Tinkerers program each week of camp or any specific week you’d like.  It’s your summer, your schedule and we want you to be empowered to decide.  Campers in this program will still get to participate in activities including SCUBA, Boating, Performing Arts with Mainstages, Creative Arts, Dance, Yoga, Mountain Biking, Farm to Table, GaGa, Tennis, Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Capture the Flag, Fishing, Archery, Climbing Tower, Zipline, Hiking, Campfires, Color war and So MUCH MORE!
Camp Dates:
Full Summer     June 25 – August 6
Session 1          June 25 – July 16
Session 2          July 16 – August 6