The Best of Both Worlds

The option to enjoy a top-notch, hands-on program for exploring while still enjoying the benefits of a classic sleepaway camp. Hands-on projects, a huge environment to explore, talented instructors and great ideas make for a fantastic summer for your child. One where he or she will get their hands into some BIG projects while still enjoying the camaraderie, atmosphere and warmth of the Camp Louemma environment.

Camp Louemma is an overnight camp that is dedicated to collective imaginations, unconditional love, and empathy. Located 90 minutes from NYC, alongside the Application Trail in Sussex N.J. Our mission is to collaborate with campers to provide them a vibrant and exciting camp community that aspires their growing passions, fuels their integrity and creates camp people.
Curious-on-Hudson brings the love of tinkering to this specialty program at Camp Louemma. We bring years of outrageous fun, whacky ideas, proven methods and experienced instructors. Most of all, we bring our passion for doing “stuff!” Our motto is LET’S DO STUFF! We remember what summer is all about!