What is Tinkering?

To tinker is to have the opportunity to explore one’s own curiosity with the freedom of knowing that every attempt we make to solve a problem is worth the effort. It is the freedom to work with your hands, explore your curiosity, develop your confidence and knowledge.

The Tinkerers Environment

The Curious-on-Hudson Tinkerers program is designed to make the most of the rich and diverse environment that surrounds Camp Louemma. This includes a rich woodland environment, a woodworking workshop, space for a large-scale garden project, interior workspaces and more. This large and varied space provides numerous options for weekly projects over the 6-week Camp Louemma summer season.In each weekly session, campers will work together to create larger-scale projects that allow kids to think big not only in what they physically do but also in how they see themselves. Each camper is key part of a working team. There are no minor roles to play. Everyone is key to the outcome.

Core Values 

The core values of the Curious-on-Hudson Tinker Camp are:


Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of his or her experience. Everyone has a key role to play in every weekly project


We design, build and work together to achieve some remarkable projects that may become a permanent part of the camp landscape). Young people don’t often get the chance to truly WORK with each other as a team to accomplish results in the physical world. This is not competitive play – this is cooperative play with a purpose.


We don’t hand out plans and scripts at Tinker School. We start each week with a kick-off meeting to discuss our weekly project and figure out how we will work together to achieve that goal. Then we shift throughout the week based on our experiences.


At Tinker Camp we work with real tools, real materials and solve real challenges.

Environmental Awareness:

Whether we are building a micro5house or building raised bed frames for an organic garden – improving the world around us is a key element of this program. This education is intrinsic to what we do.